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Cloudy Mountain

Justina Floyd


Justina is a Board Certified, Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) in NC, SC, and TN as well as a supervisor in NC and EMDRIA Consultant in Training. She specializes broadly in trauma, including CPTSD. Justina collaboratively works with clients to restore their true, authentic self; to unlock their fullest potential. ​She seeks to walk alongside gender-diverse and women clients, as well as non-traditional couples, as they rediscover who they are without the pressure or stigmas of who they "should" be. Justina believes that your treatment should be tailored to you; offering an integrative approach which includes different therapeutic modalities based upon your needs and not simply to check the "correct" boxes.

As a clinician, Justina offers treatment for complex issues such as PTSD, CPTSD, religious trauma, perinatal metal health, non-traditional relationships, and sexual health using a person-centered approach with tools such as EMDR and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. She is MAPS and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy trained, as well as EMDRIA certified with advance trainings in perinatal trauma and early childhood trauma in adults.


The Specifics

Together, we will collaboratively work to uncover the true, authentic you.

As a supervisor and EMDR consultant, Justina works from a humanistic trauma-centered approach, centering the health and wellness of supervisees and consultants. Her role is to support supervisee goals and objectives while maintining the safety and wellbeing of the supervisee and their clients. It is her role to assist supervisees in their development of their counselor identity, skills, and competence by utilizing individual, group, and triadic supervision with video and audio recording reviews, live observations, and supervisee reports. Throughout the supervisory relationship, she utilizes self-assessments with supervisees on their skills, competency, and goal achievement. Additionally, similar assessments are used by her to determine the progress of each individual supervisee throughout the course of their counselor development. 

A supervisor serves many roles, including that of teacher, consultant, and/or counselor. It is important to note the evaluative nature of a supervisory relationship, and because of that, supervisees must remain aware that personal concerns that arise in the context of supervision will be processed only to the extent that they impact clinical work. She co-constructs goals tailored to the supervisee/consultant needs according to: individual contracts, performance and experience, reason for supervision/consultation (licensure/internship/credentialing/training), and in accordance with current standards of practice and ethics in the field. Justina provides supervisees with verbal feedback continuously, and written feedback as needed. Justina follows trauma-centered care and supervision principles through all aspects of supervision, both administrative and clinical.

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