What is couples therapy and how does it work?

Couples therapy is available at Carolina Integrative Therapy to support clients through many of life's challenges. Couples often find themselves needing assistance communicating effectively prior to, during, or following some of life's greatest transitions.

What if I don't want other people to be involved in my treatment?

We believe that you are the driving force in any effective change to be made. If you wish to have others involved in treatment, it is always your choice to do so. Your treatment is always guided by your and is always confidential, unless feelings of wanting  to harm yourself or others comes out over the course of treatment.

What is family therapy and how does it work?

Most family therapy sessions at Carolina Integrative Therapy happen when an individual client is needing support communicating their needs to the people in their lives. Over the course of therapy, the client will learn new skills and techniques to manage their mental illness, but the other people in their lives weren't there for therapy and will often times have a difficult time understanding what the client is experiencing. Your therapist may facilitate a family session to assist in communication of the client's needs and/or help to explain how their specific diagnosis or disorder is affecting them as well as how to best support them.

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