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What is group therapy and how does it work?

Group therapy consists of meetings, either in-person or virtually that typically involve 8-12 participants and 1 or 2 therapists that facilitate the group. The number of times and the frequency of times that the group meets varies widely based upon topics. 

What types of group therapy do you provide at Carolina Integrated Therapy?

Group therapy is available in several different topics and modalities for support, encouragement, psycho-education and healing. Group therapy has shown to be effective in supporting growth and healing; particularly for learning how to effective express feelings, communicate effectively, as well as forming connections and increasing self-awareness. 

Currently we are offering virtual groups for moms, women's support & identity development, as well as pregnancy loss. 

Isn't group therapy used for addiction? 

Yes! Group therapy is often used for addiction treatment, but it is also very effective for mental illness, support, connection and learning new skills. The power of a group can be a tremendous opportunity for growth and change.

Do I need group therapy?

If you feel isolated and alone in your depression, anxiety, pain and suffering you may benefit from group therapy. Group therapy is really fantastic to connect clients with others who have been there and understand on a level that others in their lives may not.

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